Our Story

As a traveling Medical Sales Representative and being on the road all the time, the owner really wanted something that could bring him home more but also give him a sense of purpose. Leaving the medical field in a successful thriving market to start his own business was scary but he was willing to do what it took to be home with his two children and wife more.

The owner found a nutrition club that his mother told him about and shared how the products were helping her. So after visiting the nutrition club in Frankfort, KY the owner was hooked! After several months of using the products within the nutrition club the owner was able to lose upwards of 50 pounds and made him feel good with a lot of energy to get through his day. After months of planning and thinking of how to start his own nutrition club, The Wooden Straw was finally born!

Now the owner has more time with his family and gets to help so many more people in the Georgetown Community lose weight or have more energy for themselves. The Wooden Straw is a place to go have a sweet treat and socialize with friends. We wanted to create a community of people from all walks of life having something delicious and nutritious while enjoying great company.

Our Vision

To give the community of Georgetown a place they can come and feel welcomed with a friendly atmosphere and with healthy meal replacement options that not only make them feel good about the joy of a sweet treat, but also the satisfaction of knowing they are giving their body nutrients and high quality proteins.

We want to help the community of Georgetown get healthier and have fun while doing it!

The Business Philosophy

We want to show people a new way of making money within the multi-level marketing world with a tangible brick and mortar business. There has never been a better time to get into the health and wellness field as its always growing with 2 out of every 3 people in American becoming obese. Diabetes on the rise and a lot of people just not knowing how to eat correctly, can now enjoy something that tastes like ice cream but has all the benefits of a balanced diet.

Come join the excitement!

Jason Graves

Founder & CEO

After traveling for two big companies many weeks out of the month for several years, I realized I was missing my children's best years of their life. I needed something like this to give me that time back as well as giving some of myself back to the community.