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For many folks when it comes to career, they just want to find something that makes them smile, is fulfilling and provides an opportunity for them to involve their family. This is exactly what led me to begin the same search of my own. For many years, I spent too much time on the road away from my family. When I stumbled upon an opportunity to start a small family business of my own, one that was rewarding, helped others and allowed for maximum family involvement and quality time, I jumped. The Wooden Straw was born out of excitement for making a difference in the lives of others while simultaneously extending my "family" through the creation of meaningful relationships within the community.

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What We Do

Our goal is to provide premium meal replacement offerings for breakfast and lunch, leaving you feeling full, energized and ready for your day. Along with a vast array of supplements and other nutritional support we offer personal support through group events and activities to help our customers set, maintain and exceed their goals.

Meet the Team

FUN is the whole idea behind what we do. Yes, we care about nutrition and the goals of our customers but maybe more important than what those goal are, we want our customers to have a blast achieving them.

We want to be the reason you're having such a great time obtaining your nutritional and weight loss goals.


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CEDs (Chief Energy Distributors)