Product / Service #1

Meal Replacement Shakes packed with 21 essential vitamins, and minerals, with only 200-250 calories and 25-30g of Protein! With over 100 different flavors we are sure to have something to curb your hunger while appeasing your sweet tooth!

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Product / Service #2

We host our own fitcamps outside of the facilities different nights of the week. Most fitcamps also include a meal replacement shake after the class has finished to help our customers gain the most out of their workout!

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Product / Service #3

We offer wellness coaching and one on one plans to help you reach your goals of either weight loss or muscle gains! Although we are not a gym facility we offer the other side of fitness...the food! With our plans and different shake options we can easily help you with the proper diet and workout, reach your goals in the fastest way possible!

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3 Step Process:


Step 1: Highly concentrated shot of aloe vera.
- Soothes Heartburn

- Soothes Indigestion

Step 2: Herbal Tea (No added sugars)
- Raspberry
- Green-Tea w/Pomegranate
- Chai
- H3O Electrolyte Sports Drink

Step 3: Meal Replacement Shake
- 200-250 Calories
- 25-30 grams of Protein
(Whey, Casein, Soy and Pea Protein options)

- Over 100 different flavors to select from

Aloe Vera

Next Steps...

To search our products to make your very own delicious shakes at home for yourself, please visit our catalog website to order directly to your home. Sign up as a preferred member and receive a 25% discount on all orders made within that year!